About Us

The NYADTCP’s stated goals are to:

  • create and establish drug treatment courts operations throughout the State of New York;
  • standardize drug treatment court philosophy throughout the State of New York;
  • continue education to promote effective drug court planning, implementation and operations in the State of New York;
  • forge partnerships among drug courts, public agencies and community-based organizations to generate local support and enhance drug court program effectiveness;
  • adopt a mentoring program for new drug courts by those courts already established; and
  • ensure all New York drug courts follow the 10 key components established by the United States Department of Justice.

Mission Statement

To reduce substance abuse, crime and recidivism by promoting and advocating for the establishment, funding and enhancement of drug courts and providing for the collection and dissemination of information and mutual support to the drug court professionals in the state of New York.

The Association’s core mission includes drug court advocacy, education and the creation of partnerships.